Dear Aunt Peggy - Emails from Petey PupDear Aunt Peggy, Emails from Petey Pup

I rescued Petey Pup, a street urchin, from abuse by a neighbor kid. I never intended to adopt him, just clean him up and find his family. Failing that, he needed a new home and my sister, Peggy, came to mind. My dog-update emails to her became an entirely different exchange when Petey took over the keyboard. He shared his adventures and down-home dog wisdom with Aunt Peggy, who shared his email stories with her daughter, a neighbor, and residents in a retirement community where she worked. He charmed them all. Then, when I began collecting the emails for this book, Petey expanded his email repertoire by including his own vet, boarding, and grooming appointments. All were happy to respond to him. Join Petey and his comrades, Black Bart and Miss Ginga, and his cat nemesis, Bonzie, as Petey captures their triumphs, travails, and a few “uh-ohs” in his emails to Aunt Peggy.

Amelia's GiftAmelia’s Gift

When her grandparents die in an auto accident, Amelia McCallum’s memories careen back to the summer spent with them when she was ten years old. Re-live a child’s confidence that anything is possible with magic. Even when the magic works differently than she expected, she persists in using it, even in her campaign to save the beloved, but condemned Capitol Theater. Then, it turns terribly wrong.

Whether you’re ten or nine times ten, you’ll find something in this 1950’s recollection to encourage you to cheer for Amelia.

Short Stories by Texas Authors, Vol. 2

This book can be purchased at Texas Authors Books. My short story, “Dawn of the Angry Guns” can be found on page 84. This short story won an award in the Historical Fiction Category. It follows the Battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836 from a Mexican conscript’s perspective. In addition to mine, this collection contains some of the best short stories Texas authors create.



Mom Pat's Favorite Recipes

Mom Pat’s Favorite Recipes (2016 Edition)

Compiled and edited since 1983, this book has evolved into a larger project than copying at Kinko’s made economically feasible.Therefore, I chose the same route as self-publishers for a more economical production alternative. It does contain copyrighted recipes, so I cannot sell it; however, I do use it as a promotional gift at my book signings.